Transferable Warranty

Galaxy Building Services Window Systems Limited Warranty Transferable to Successor Owner

This Limited Warranty for the Galaxy Building Services Vinyl Window System is transferable one time by the Original Purchaser to the successor owner of the property within the first thirty (30) years from date of window installation. Upon transfer, the transferred warranty period shall be limited to the unexpired remaining portion of such thirty (30) years from date of window installation and shall not be further transferable.

In the event of property transfer, the subsequent owner will be responsible for charges based on the following schedule:

  • 0 – 10 Years No Charge
  • 11 – 15 Years 50%
  • 16 – 20 Years 70%
  • 21 – 25 Years 80%
  • 25+ Years 90%

The basis for computing the cost of material for repair or replacement shall be current market prices.

Property Owner Claim Procedure and Other Warranty Provisions

Any claims for defects under this Limited Warranty should be made in writing to Alside, PO Box 2010, Akron, Ohio 44309. Attention: Window Warranty Services, promptly after discovery of the claimed defect, describing the defect claimed and referring to this Warranty and date of window installation together with the name of contractor and proof of purchase, proof of property ownership and transfer info as requested. Allow a reasonable time for inspection purposes if determined to be necessary.

If the windows do not conform to this Warranty and any such manufacturing defect occurs within the time period specified, accoriding to the provisions of this Warranty then Galaxy Building Services agrees, at its option to repair or replace the defective part or component of the window free of charge which shall be shipped to Alside, transportation charges prepaid or upon prepayment of any applicable prorated amount then due from the Original Purchaser-Present Property Owner. The Property Owner will be responsible for return transportation charges back to the property location.

Replacement parts or components furnished by Manufacturer under this Warranty will have the standard color available at that time. A color variance may occur between the new replacement part or component in comparison to the original window due to weathering exposure and would not be indicative of defects in the part or component.

Alside reserves the right to discontinue or change any Galaxy Building Services Vinyl Window System as manufactured. If the part or component of the window originally installed is not available and Galaxy Building Services determines to make replacement, Galaxy Building Services shall have the right to substitute a compatible part or component apportioned when prorated basis applies over te warranted time period for usage to refund date.

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